Counselling & Psychotherapy Byron Bay

Are you struggling to fall pregnant? Perhaps you've had a miscarriage? Or struggling through post natal depression? Are you in the Gold Coast, Byron Bay or greater Northern Rivers areas?

At Fertile Minds we provide a range of support services to help you through a challenging time. We can help with supporting you and your partner through fertility challenges, IVF, post natal depression & anxiety, psychotherapy and more.

Working with women, their partners & families during & after pregnancy to support change, Fertile Minds is a community for anyone experiencing challenges anywhere in the fertility spectrum. You may be trying for a baby without success; you may have experienced miscarriage grief; you may be pregnant or have experienced a birth that didn’t go to plan.

We all need support sometimes; its part of being human. 0416 165 005.

  • Damage Done By Clinical Language

    “I hereby agree to the excavation of contents.” Now, please sign here.Although it sounds rather like a building site, in Australia it’s a clinical term for a curette or D&C. Otherwise known as the scraping away of the womb lining after an “incomplete miscarriage.” To have one done, you need to sign the form to ...

  • Post Natal Depression Week 15-22 November

    I'm seeing an increasing need for support by mothers, and not because they're deficient in any way.  Yet so many women tell me they've reached out and yet it landed in an unexpected way. They felt unheard - by practitioners, medical teams, friends, family.Its time to change.  It's time to see that there's not a ...

  • Burn Out Baby Burn

    Her baby is upstairs, sleeping and safe. She’s downstairs, wired, pacing.Husband and eldest child are out; they’ve given her a break. She’s here with a four month old baby boy; he has shrieked and arched his back for two protracted hours now.She can’t see the forest for the trees.Finally, utterly exhausted, baby sleeps. As ...

  • Birth and Fear

    Amy crouches in the corner of the hospital room. Her last words before legging it are,“I can’t do this” (moan). “Too scary.” (groan) “I want to go home.”The midwives have heard it all before.“You’re doing superbly, Amy,” they encourage. “You are doing it.”Ten minutes later the room is empty and a trainee ...

  • Birth trauma

    “Nothing happened as we’d thought it would. Everyone suddenly started moving fast. Like darting.. and.. barking at one another. Apparently the baby’s life was now in peril, my life was in peril and..then it all just kind of spun out of control.” One new mother’s story.Facts about birth trauma: It’s real. It’s not in ...

  • Ten Fertile Facts

    I’m a therapist and a writer. I’m not a doctor. But there are some irrefutable fertility facts. Here’s ten of the best:1. Fertility challenges are growing. More women are leaving childbearing till later in life. Fact. Consequences are fertility issues are growing – even becoming the norm. Everyone knows of someone struggling. From ...

  • The Two-week Wait

    Two weeks is an extraordinarily long time to wait and hear about a pregnancy result.Time from ovulation onwards, can feel like a horizon stretching into oblivion. Waiting for news. For those going through it, month after month, half of their lives are spent not living, waiting in an in-between world, stagnating. Fretting.What does ...

  • The Fertile Space

    The second Fertile Space interview is with Dr Jaime O’Sullivan from the Art of Health and Well Being. A practitioner of Oriental & Complementary Medicine, Jaime is far more than a title. She’s passionate about fertility and about her client relationships.Enjoy today’s Fertile Space Interview with Jaime O’Sullivan.(more…)